Darren Isaac

Darren first came on to The Comedy Cow radar when he became a regular at our nights, in that time he has developed a niche genera that has amassed many followers on social media, and now he is stepping onto the other side and on the stage himself. 

Darren Isaac was one of the early Milton Keynes babies whose mother chose to keep them and who has grown up in Milton Keynes. He bases some of his set on the many experiences of growing up a locally, since it really was all just fields. He entered into the world of stand up this year having been an avid comedy writer for many years prior. The BBC (almost) commissioned a sitcom, but they didn’t. He currently goes under the moniker of Tarquin Keynes, a philosophising aristocrat and ambassador for Milton Keynes who happens to be a sandwich short of a picnic but who has somehow amassed nearly 11,000 AVID followers on Instagram